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Best Books to Read Now: June 2017

Reminder/ Caveat/ Disclaimer: This is my (hopefully) monthly list of books I’ve read and enjoyed. These are not reviews, I do not include books I didn’t enjoy because life is too short to speak badly of books!

Let's jump in, shall we?

Summer Heat by Alexis Anne

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A hot steamy romance with baseball?  Um, yes. There's just something about summer nights and guys in tight white pants. Fans of Alexis Anne will be thrilled with this new story in her Storm Inside world, and past characters come back!  Whee!

White Hot by Ilona Andrews

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I've waited for this book for what, 2, 3 years? Of course I took a day off to read it. I've recommended the first book in the series, Burn For Me, here and it's still on sale for $2.99.  The third book in the series is releasing in August and yes, it's that good. I've converted a number of peeps into fans, so if you're jumping on the train, let me know so we can gush together.

It Happened on Love Street by Lia Riley

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I'm going to be honest. I read the first five pages of this book and texted a writer friend: "I hate Lia Riley so much."  I don't really hate Lia because she's sweet and awesome and writes incredibly real, funny, sexy books that inspire envy and low-self-esteem in other authors (me.)  This book is Kristan Higgins-esque set in a small Georgia town that's like Bluebell, Alabama (from Hart of Dixie) mixed with Stars Hollow. Read it and bask in the sexy adorableness.

You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero


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This was the inaugural #HBICNation book club pick (read more about HBIC Nation here) and I really enjoyed it! I can't wait to talk about the mindset of wealth with the other HBICs. If you're a creative entrepreneur who identifies as an HBIC, check out our Facebook group and join the party (and book club.)

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Best Books to Read Now - April 2017

Reminder/ Caveat/ Disclaimer: This is my (hopefully) monthly list of books I’ve read and enjoyed. These are not reviews, I do not include books I didn’t enjoy because life is too short to speak badly of books!



Gushing ahead!!!

Magic Binds - Ilona Andrews


I'm not even going to apologize. I am a Level A1 Ilona Andrews fan girl, as I've stated before. Magic Binds is Book 9 of the Kate Daniels series and one of the best. I can't even explain why, it just had everything I love about the best of Ilona Andrews, crazy yet loyal friends and families, strong women and the strong men that love them and completely unique world building.

And while we're talking about THE BEST of Ilona Andrews.... The first book in their new series, Burn For Me  is on sale for $.99. It originally came out in 2014 and I have read it, no lie, at least four or five times since. So yes, you can say I recommend it. Read it now and then you'll be able to read the next two with me when they're released this summer.

Dark Road to Darjeeling - Deanna Raybourn


This was book 4 of the Lady Julia Gray series and this time Julia and her family take the trip to India to solve crimes in their oh-so-English way. I've read books about colonial India since a very young age (I'm not making that up. That would be a weird thing to make up.) and this story felt lovely and familiar.

Belgravia - Julian Fellowes


I almost picked Belgravia to be my book club selection.  I picked Big Little Lies instead but grabbed this one for Spring Break reading. As the cover says, the author is the author of Downton Abbey so if you were a Lady Cora fan...

I mean, a Dowager Countess fan, you'll be quite happy with this Upstairs/Downstairs tale of scandal and family in the early Victorian era.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot


If you haven't read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks yet, do yourself a favor and read it now before the HBO series starts this month.  If you loved Hidden Figures, this book will also tell you a story of science and the amazing contribution of an African-American woman who never got the acknowledgment she deserved.  I first read this with a prior book club. We were a diverse group and this book kept us talking for hours about science, ethics, and American history.


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