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Welcome to the official site of Lindsay Emory, author of books with kisses and sass including the Sorority Sisters Mysteries, The Last Plus One, and the forthcoming The Royal Runaway.


I am one lucky, lucky author.

I have a book releasing.

It’s the second in a series.

And it has TWO covers already.

Earlier in the summer, when I released the new UK/ World English covers, I was overcome by all the positive responses. But the number 1 question I got was, “Well, that’s great for all your British fans, but what about the Americans and Canadians who also want to order THE ROYAL BODYGUARD???”

I can now announce that all the information you want can be found here: The Royals of Drieden Series

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I can’t.

And when you read this book, you’ll understand how perfect this cover is. And I loved how both my publishers got it soooo right. You can maybe guess what some of the main themes are…

The Royal Bodyguard covers


  • a princess in hiding

  • a grumpy bodyguard

  • explosions

  • thousand-year old secrets

  • luxurious European residences

  • a king in a car park

  • pesky paparazzi

  • banter

  • a grandmother with a sword

  • kissing

Basically, it’s…

kissing book.gif
princess bride 1.gif
princess bride 2.gif

I’m In.

I heard you say that. ^^^^

For the full info on the book, please click to this page: The Royal Series.

If you’re American or Canadian, you can reserve your copy of The Royal Bodyguard here or at your preferred retailers:

If you’re British, Irish, Australian, etc., you can reserve your copy of The Royal Bodyguard here or at your preferred retailers:

And I’ll be dropping more hints, clues and sneak peeks on my Facebook, my Instagram (make sure you’re checking my Instagram Stories!! I have some fun stuff planned over the next few weeks) and my newsletter. Sign up and follow now to get all the scoop (like who I dedicated the book to and why they made me rewrite the whole darn thing.)

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