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Best Books to Read Now - April 2019

Reminder/ Caveat/ Disclaimer: This is my (hopefully) monthly list of books I’ve read and enjoyed. These are not reviews, I do not include books I didn’t enjoy because life is too short to speak badly of books!

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Welcome to the Best Books to Read Now Book Club! My (hopefully) monthly blog featuring my reading list, my TBR pile and the books I think you and your best friends should be reading. 

If you’re not sure whether you’ll agree with  my recommendations, check out my blog post on My Reader Wheels and my podcast, Women With Books . Those should help you decide if you’re going to be into my recommendations.

The best book club recommendations for you and your friends!

The best book club recommendations for you and your friends!

There’s a bit more variety in my fiction choices this month - a contemporary rom com even made the list!

Gimme Some Sugar - Molly Harper
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I think I’ve read all of Molly Harper’s Southern Eclectic series now and I have to say, I just love Lake Sackett, Georgia. This one features a best friends to lovers storyline and deep fried red velvet cake balls. It’s perfect to satisfy your cravings for small town romance AND sweets.

When We Left Cuba - Chanel Cleeton
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I featured Chanel Cleeton’s Next Year in Havana last year (and it was a Reese Witherspoon book club pick) and I chatted with Chanel on the Women With Books podcast here.
This continues the story of the Perez family and the Cuban Revolution and focuses on Beatriz. It’s hard for me to say if this is a standalone story, since I read the first one and I think reading the first one really enriches this story because it gives you the whole background of the family in Cuba. So get both books and immerse yourself in 1960 Cuba & Florida!

Too Wilde to Wed - Eloisa James
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I read the first in this series and really couldn’t wait to see how Eloisa turned a frippy fop with a wig and high heeled shoes into a hero that we could all swoon over and Ms. James totally delivered! I love the Wilde family!

What the Wind Knows - Amy Harmon
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I devoured this book over road trip to Colorado during Spring Break. I saw it described as “perfect for fans of Outlander” so I knew I had to at least give it a shot. There were some similarities between it and Outlander - this story also involves time travel to the British Isles (Ireland in this case). But there was a unique family twist to this story that made it a little different and the history was much more recent. I turned the pages very quickly trying to find out exactly how Ms. Harmon was going to tie up the huge dangling mystery in this middle of this book.

Agnes Moor’s Wild Knight - Alyssa Cole
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I’ve had this book for FOREVER and I’ve been saving it for a rainy day. And, well. A gloomy Spring day finally came that could only be cured with an Alyssa Cole book. I have a soft spot in my heart for medieval romances and this is a novella by an author that I know handles lesser trod time periods with graceful prose and well-researched details. The only thing that disappointed me was that now I don’t have another Alyssa Cole medieval romance novella to look forward to.

And yes, there were some books I did not love this month…. I’ll be talking more about those and why I think they didn’t connect with me in my newsletter this month.

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Best Books to Read Now - January 2018

Reminder/ Caveat/ Disclaimer: This is my (hopefully) monthly list of books I’ve read and enjoyed. These are not reviews, I do not include books I didn’t enjoy because life is too short to speak badly of books!

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In the last WOMEN WITH BOOKS episode of 2017, I asked author Alexis Anne about her reading resolutions for 2018. Do you make any reading- related resolutions? I’ve decided to read from my TBR pile. It’s not from any sense of Puritanical guilt, but rather I started looking through my TBR lists and realized there were REALLY GOOD BOOKS in there that I really wanted to read, but I keep getting distracted by oh-shiny new books.

So in 2018, you might see some older books featured in this blog. But as I said in that same WOMEN WITH BOOKS episode, I think in this day and age, release dates aren’t as important to readers (now as an author, I must disagree, but that’s a long blog post in itself). What matters is when we discover a book as you’ll see….

A Christmas Gone Perfectly Wrong – Cecilia Grant

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Amazon || iBooks

Yes, it’s a Christmas book. But look, consider your Christmas 2018 book shopping done already. This free novella was a sweet, beautiful holiday read. I read and adored Cecilia Grant’s A Lady Awakened last year (and wrote about it here) but I hadn’t heard about this holiday prequel for that series until some authors on Twitter decided to do a read along. If you’re interested in more commentary, do a search for #ACGPW on Twitter.

Wilde in Love – Eloisa James

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I mentioned this as one of my most memorable books on the last episode of Women With Books, but this was (maybe? I think?) the first Eloisa James book I’ve read. I know. It’s pretty unbelievable. But I really enjoyed the effortlessness of this historical romance, along with the humor and characters. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series featuring the Wilde family

Eleventh Grave in Moonlight– Darynda Jones

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We’re looking down the barrel at the end of the Charley Davidson series but this book was perfect for the holidays for me. Like an old, impossibly snarky friend.  I’ll probably try to dive into Book 12 in January and then it will be a little bit of a wait until book 13 is released later this year.

Sweet Tea & Sympathy – Molly Harper

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In sum, I really hate Molly Harper now. I mean. That cover. That title. That series name. I'm desperately jealous of all of that and I want to live in this book all the time. It’s a romance/ family drama / women’s fiction blend type of book that will be the new trend of 2018 (you heard it here first…) that can make you laugh and cry and fist bump. I’m basically obsessed and totally not stalking Molly Harper at all.

A real life picture of Molly Harper and me (not) behind her.

A real life picture of Molly Harper and me (not) behind her.


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