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All These Things That I Love - August 2016

A monthly round up of fabulous things that give me life
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This month is all about the planner lifestyle. Alexandra Haughton and I decided to reinvent our Get it Together Hop and turn it into the #ReadWritePlan challenge on instagram.
Every day is a new round of delicious peeks into the author/planner community's planning life. We're having so much fun sharing our favorites and Alexandra and I have a giveaway here:
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This summer I've converted to Japanese sunscreen. I've read blogs and reviews  on the superior sun protection of these products and I when I used up the last bottle of good ol' American sunscreen (that my dermatologist recommended), I ordered two varieties that had near universal acclaim: Biore UV Perfect Milk SPF 50 and Biore UV Watery Essence.

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So far, so good. I love the lightweight, non greasy feel of these, they don't make me break out and I haven't gotten a sunburn!
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Last summer I started seeing other soccer parents with these giant silver cups. Were they worth the price, I asked? They hold ice all day! I was told. They keep coffee hot all day! they said.

Well, in the thousand degree temperatures that Texas has been experiencing, I don't much care about coffee staying hot, but I can say that ice will stay solid in a Yeti tumbler for 12 hours, which is a freaking miracle here on the sun (Texas). It's a delight to stay hydrated with ice cold water (and maybe a slice of lemon) (or maybe an extra large gimlet.)
I got my Yeti cups as a gift, but my friend Alexis Anne  says the Ozark brand from Walmart are just as effective.
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This is one of the albums I've had on repeat the past few months. The more I listen to it, the better it gets and it's really good turned way up in the car.
If you have Amazon Prime you can listen to the whole album or check out (one of) out my favorite song(s) here .
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Okay, it premieres tomorrow but I *will* be watching Hard Knocks on HBO. People are always a little surprised that I love a  reality show about football training camp, but if you love sports romance, you have to enjoy the behind the scenes drama. Last year's season featuring the Houston Texans inspired me to write a whole book!
If you watch Hard Knocks, I'd love to talk football and sports romance on Twitter, Facebook or down below in the comments. Or let me know if you're a planner addict or if you have Asian skin care recommendations!

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