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All These Things That I Love - April 2017

A monthly roundup of things that give me life…


With pajama pants. Weird? Maybe? I've talked about some of my pajama weirdness before, like my requirements for hotel pajamas. These pajama pants by Uniqlo are pretty fabulous. They're light weight and flowy and have pockets! And they're a perfect length if you have a puppy and have to take him out in the yard in the wee hours of the morning to, um, you know, and don't want to flash the neighbors.


Also, they come in subtle Mickey Mouse prints right now for those that love Disney or want to match with me at #RWA17.  Or would that be weird?


Hart of Dixie. Again. It has everything I love. Friendships.




And sassy Southern belles.


I'm watching it on Netflix, but all the seasons are available on Amazon.


Essential oils. Going crazy with them, actually. My allergies have been intense since January (thank you climate change?) and essential oils have been a life saver.  I usually use my own blend of lavender, peppermint and lemon but some days I dab on whatever feels good.  My friend the DoTerra rep gifted me with this fabulous Mother's Day trio of citrus oils and they truly are mood lifters.


If you're interested in trying out essential oils yourself,  you can check them out here.


This song. On replay.  The book I #amwriting is sooooooo..... this.


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