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Howdy United Kingdom!!

I'm so thrilled to welcome new readers from the United Kingdom!  My book, SISTERHOOD IS DEADLY, is releasing as MEAN SISTERS in the U.K. on 17 March 2016. In fact, it's an entirely new version for a new country!Mean Sisters HIRES FINAL


I would like to welcome all British readers to my crazy world.  Yes, I'm American. Please don't let that stop you from buying my book.  I know, Americans have a bit of a reputation abroad, like we just go in and force everyone to do things our way.


pushing gervais



But I want to start off with my new British readers on the right foot, so that's why I have attempted to educate myself about the United Kingdom. I've studied your history...


Your political system...

*Yes, I know this is the Canadian Prime Minister. But he's cute so we're going with him.*

trudeau shrug

Your native wildlife...


Your athletic pursuits...


Your cultural dances...

wills kate dancing

Your Sexiest Man Alive (c)...


I must admit, some things have been harder to understand than others.


After all this study, I'm fairly confident that MEAN SISTERS will find fans in your country.

Now, I know there's a possibility that not everyone will love my book.


Some may have set their expectations too high.

not GOT

Generally, I think...

beckham 2

Wait. What was I saying?

dowager 2


Oh yes.  MEAN SISTERS. It's a mystery.


With a whole lot of girl power...spice girls

And laughs.

one direction

The reviews have been amazing

hiddles clapping

And many influential voices are giving it two thumbs up.

prince harry

I can't wait to hear what you think of Margot Blythe and the sisters of Delta Beta. I just know this is the beginning of a long, meaningful relationship.

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