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All These Things That I Love - February 2018

A monthly round up of things that give me life.


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Collagen coffee! 



It’s my secret weapon for clear glowy skin and getting an extra shot of protein in the morning.   I have done the bulletproof coffee thing, I’ve done butter and MCT oil but lately that’s just been a little heavy for me.  One scoop of collagen in beautiful, hot, preferably-with-a-little-sugar-free-mocha-syrup coffee is enough to get me going and activated for the morning.

Slayer of Words cup: no longer available. But it basically describes my mood while editing lately.

Collagen powder I use: Available here.


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to Alexa

(And not these guys.)

My husband has rigged a house intercom system with Alexa devices but we love the one in the kitchen the most. For jokes, for music and for shopping lists, I recommended this in my 2017 holiday gift guide and it’s still going strong for us. I sometimes put videos of our morning get up and go songs on my Instagram.

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The seasons are too short, the accents are nearly unintelligible but the story of this family is gripping and the acting is A++++.

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It’s February. My feet are chronically cold. I am obsessed with warm cozy slippers. I really need Uggs to make me some fingerless-gloves for typing, too.



And warm cozy slippers are the near-definition of hygge, the Danish concept to describe cozy-communal-feeling good.  

As you may already know, my next Mistletoe Key novella is called LOVE IN THE TIME OF HYGGE and it is NOT SOLD IN STORES! (what????) It's EXCLUSIVE to newsletter subscribers - subscribe here if you like cozy cashmere, hot Florida beaches and Lindsay Emory-style romance:


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