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All These Things That I Love - 2017 Gift Edition

I'm just starting to put my gift lists together but I thought I'd share the surefire wins that any one should love this year. 

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For the whole family

Amazon Echo/ Amazon Dot – we got these this summer and they’ve come in so handy. We use them as alarm clock, stereo, shopping list maker, landline. We’re going to get another one for the kids’ room to hack an intercom system.

Instant Pot – um, I feel like I’m always recommending this. From perfect ‘boiled’ eggs to amazing pot roast (in about an hour!) every busy family needs one.


For him

Sous vide precision cooker – if your man loves steak and technology get him this. Then you get steak too. WIN.

Wonder Woman – an action movie every couple can enjoy together. Win. Win.


For travel

White noise machine – I was sold on this on a recent church camp retreat. A mom next to my bunk used one and I slept through a bunch of middle schoolers giggling through the night.

Kelly Clarkson’s new album – Meaning of Life  Amazon | | iTunes – not a bad song on this album. Put it on during your road trip and the miles will fly by.


For youth (or young at heart) 

Bluetooth speaker – it’s the jam box of 2017 (did I just date myself?)

Teen Vogue – it’s the Washington Post of 2017. {But it just went all digital. BOO!}

Ticket to Ride – a game that everyone in the family can enjoy with a little strategy and a little luck.


For HER –  buy her something luxe she won’t buy herself. We’ve been through a lot this year. We deserve it.

Jo Malone Diffuser- I got one of these two years ago and it’s almost out. (HINT HINT MR. EMORY) It’s strong, smells amaze, lasts and makes a bathroom or side table look totally sophisticated.

Nest Box – a subscription box that will send high quality candles to soothe and invigorate your best friend/ mom/ sister as she persists.


Mistletoe Key – Amazon | | iBooks

Or give your favorite nasty woman  a copy of my holiday novella. It’s like a Hallmark movie she can read while on hold with UPS about that missing fruit cake delivery.


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