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Best Books to Read Now - October 2017

I didn’t post a list of books last month because for several strange reasons, I was overlapping a bunch of these – hence a bunch of books to recommend in October! WHeee!


The Look of Love – Julia Kelly

the look of love.jpg

I was very lucky to get to read an early copy of this and once again, I’m blown away by Julia’s sweet, smart, sexy prose in the first book of this new historical romance series with a MATCHMAKER in SCOTLAND!! (I know, you just one-clicked that, right?)

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King of the Sea – Madame de Boudoir

king of the sea.jpg

Out today! This is a paranormal erotic romance novella that made me gasp and laugh, too. Madame’s voice is fresh, intoxicatingly creative and the start of what should be an unforgettable new series featuring mermaids/ mermen and their loves through history.

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The Alice Network – Kate Quinn

alice network.jpg

Pretty much a non-fiction book disguised as fiction with effortless, suspenseful, thrilling prose. I’m obsessed with lady spies and recommending this to everyone.

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Beard in Mind – Penny Reid

beard in mind.jpg

Another Winston Brothers installment, this time featuring the good-looking and good-natured Beau and the surly and sexy mechanic Shelly. We caught a glimpse of this couple in Cletus’ book and their story of overcoming illness to find love and family will kill you in a good way.

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Beginner’s Luck – Kate Clayborn

beginner's luck.jpg

A debut that left me laughing, crying, and with a hurting tummy (from nerves! Were these two crazy kids going to work out?). For those who love STEM heroines, HGTV home renovation shows and real, fun contemporary romance. I’ve got Kate coming up on Women With Books next week so make sure you subscribe to hear our very cool conversation.

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Unfortunately, I also had a DNF (did not finish) this month. It broke my heart to do as it’s not in my essential nature to give up on a book.  Do you ever stop reading before a book is over? Or are you a push-through-til-the-end kind of reader?

And have you read any of the books that I’ve recommended? If you have (or do) please let me know what you think – either on my Lindsay Emory facebook page or my Women With Books podcast page. I’d love to discuss books and what makes you read til the very end.


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