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She was warned, she was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she watched a movie.

As I talked about on Facebook recently, my family took me to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 for Mother's Day (which I thought was fun, creative and funny). Love 'em or hate 'em, we got to see lots of preview trailers for all the upcoming shoot 'em up superhero action movies. The one  I found myself weirdly engrossed in was this one: The Mummy trailer:

Now I loved the first Mummy movie, it's my favorite kind of romantic adventure crack. Ancient curses and a bookish, stubborn heroine and a wise-cracking hero. FLOVE. So I was watching this new trailer to see if/how they were referencing the original.

Strangely, I found myself completely rooting for the evil woman who was wrongly entombed and is now returning to wreak revenge on the world (using Tom Cruise as her pawn. As one does.)

I mean, come on. Go girl.

Then on Twitter a few days ago other women authors were also reporting feeling... feistier than normal. Their heroines started kicking dudes, their manuscripts were getting a little bloody, that kind of thing.

So I started making a list of movies to watch, to capture this girl power in the air, when you feel like resisting... something... everything...

Women with Guns. Swords. Trucks.

Spy: Amazon  || itunes   


Mad Max Fury Road: Amazon  || itunes


Mulan: Amazon  || itunes


Women with Smarts

Legally Blonde: Amazon  || itunes


Erin Brockovich: Amazon  || itunes


Hidden Figures: Amazon


Women with Plans

9 to 5: Amazon  || itunes

Elizabeth: Amazon  || itunes


There are some upcoming girl power movies I'm really excited to see, too.  I already got my Wonder Woman (in theaters on June 2!) stamps and gleefully used one to post a card to The Ripped Bodice (a woman-owned independent book store. Shop here!)


And how amazing does this trailer look for Battle of the Sexes? It's one of my favorite tropes to write although... maybe not with Steve Carrell as the hero... but it still looks like a great movie.

So what do you think? What gets you pumped up?  What's your favorite girl power chick flick?  Are you rooting for the nasty woman who's going to bully Tom Cruise into doing her bidding? Answer below or connect with me on Facebook - we've always got something fun to discuss there.

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