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#RWA15 Recap and Rewind

Well, it was that time of year again. I packed my bags, charged every electronic device I had and made my way to the Big Apple to attend the Romance Writers of America (RWA) national conference last week. This was a very different conference than the one I went to last year.  To start with, I was very different. Last year, I was contracted with a publisher, but had only completed one round of edits on KNOW WHEN TO HOLD HIM. This year, I’ve published two books, and just turned in a third to my editor.  Last year, I was unagented.  This year, I had the fabulosa Cassie Hanjian to steer me around the terrifying pit of hell (also known as the New York subway in July) on our way to parties across Manhattan. Last year, I think I knew one other writer in real life at the conference.  This year, I knew quite a few more and was thrilled to meet other lovely writers that are now, whether they like it or not, inducted into my tribe permanently. (You can't get away. You're mine now.)

Last year, I followed the serendipitous voice.  This year, that voice was harder to hear. I don’t know why, maybe it was because of roar of Times Square outside the hotel, or the cacophony of conflicting demands in my life.  There were still stand out moments.  In one workshop I moderated, Roxanne St. Claire theorized that writers procrastinate on social media because we’re lonely, working alone at home as we do.  That comment rang so true to me that I’m resolved to get more in-person socializing done, so that I can be more productive at the keyboard.  I went to Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ character workshop and Jennifer Crusie’s turning point workshop back to back on Friday and by the end of it, I had figured out how to totally re-work my latest manuscript.  I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing. I had my cab almost stolen by Don King, saw Taye Diggs on Broadway, enjoyed a burlesque show, and laughed my butt off with Alexandra Haughton and Ophelia London as we trolled New York at 11pm looking for pizza.

The high point of the conference was definitely aided by one of the coolest chicks in the history of cool chicks, Laura Von Holt.  See, Julia Kelly and I had ducked inside the Avon book signing just to say hi to some people and I was standing in line to gush to Jeaniene Frost about how much Vlad means to me, when Laura tapped me on the shoulder and said, “You’re here. Your books are here.”

[Now, for those that don’t know, my latest release, SISTERHOOD IS DEADLY, is published by Harper Collins Witness Impulse, a sister imprint to Avon. Which I obviously knew, not just because I had received invitations to attend several other Avon events at RWA.]

When Laura said this, I thought she meant that Avon had kindly stacked some of my books on a side table.


Unbeknownst to me, I had a space in the signing. With a banner and pens and books… except all my books had been taken before I got there.  Which I was thrilled about! Of course! (People, please, take my book!) So I sat my butt down and signed some free download cards for the people that came after, and I met several lovely Avon editors and (!) my wonderful publicist Dianna (hey!).

avon signing

What a difference a year makes. Last year I went to the Avon signing and fangirled over my favorite authors and resolved that would be me…. One day.  This year, I was there! I was late, but I was there! Next year, who knows, I might even be on time!


So…  Because I’m the kind of rebel who’s late to her own surprise book signing, I took a couple of extra free book cards home with me and I’d love to share them. If you’d like a free e-book of SISTERHOOD IS DEADLY, the first ten people to comment below with your email address or who sign up for my newsletter (to give me your email in private) will get one.  (People, please, take my book!)




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