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A Bigger Year

Everyone's been writing their New Year's blog posts. Me? I've been sitting here, digesting 2014 (literally and figuratively.) Also, I've had site problems. (One of my 2015 resolutions is to have a prettier - started working on that and ran into some *cough* technical difficulties. I'll be bringing in the professionals shortly to get this place shiny & new.)

Basically, I keep going back to the beginning of 2014. I thought I knew what I wanted. I thought I knew what was going to happen. 2014 turned that all upside down.
In the best ways.
If you forced me to, I couldn't put a finger on when it happened. Or what, exactly, happened.
All I know is, 2014 was transformative.
It got bigger.
What got bigger?
Everything got bigger.
Every time I settled, every time I was happy enough, 2014 took me firmly by the chin and forced me to look at the larger blessings I was receiving.  Like a child on Christmas morning who is totally rocked by the candy bar in his stocking only to look up, and see the giant - I don't know - play kitchen or remote control car, or ten thousand piece Lego set.
I am full of gratitude for the stocking full of candy (who wouldn't be? Hello, chocolate!), the same as a gigantic Lego set.  I am thankful for peaceful days filled with laughter and love and friends and good wine. I'm a pretty simple girl.
In 2015, my goals are simple.
I'm going to write more, edit more. I'm going to (probably- knock wood) get a fancier website. I'm going to sweat more, see the sun more, see my friends more.
I'm going to keep following that serendipitous whisper, the one that takes me to meet people and see places that I didn't plan.

I'm going to give thanks for what I already have. And then I'm going to dream bigger.
Thanks for dreaming with me.

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