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Dress up like a... book?

Halloween is coming! Do you love books? Do you need a costume? If your answers to both of these questions is, "Why yes!" I have four solutions for your literary Halloween. All the creative thought and shopping has been done for you. Just click the pics and read the books just in case (for any possible trick questions from fellow book fans-slash-trick or treaters.)

Let's start with something easy.

Daisy from The Great Gatsby.

All you have to get is a flapper dress. Fun, glamorous and an American classic? What could be better?

Fancy Nancy!

If you have kids, especially little girls (like I do) you know this precocious, oh-so fashionable character. I think it would be fun for a grown up to find her inner Fanciness with a red curly wig, a tiara, and a few fancy accessories.



If you're a romance novel fan, or a historical fiction fan, you may be obsessed with Outlander, the books and the tv series.  Halloween is the perfect time to practice your Scottish burr with a glass of whisky and a young red-headed Scot (IYKWIM.)

If you're lucky enough to have a Jamie Fraser lookalike along for your hayride, you could dress him up in something like this:

A Claire Beauchamp Fraser costume may be a bit trickier, but a historical type dress plus a bit of plaid should do the trick.  Maybe carry a cellphone for that anachronistic, time-traveling touch.

Gone Girl

You loved the book, you loved/hated the ending (I loved it-but no spoilers here!), now you want to spread the love/hate on October 31.  This one's kind of tough, but here's what I'd do.

1. Recreate the Gone Girl missing poster, seen here.

gone girl

 2. Hang around neck.

3. Add a disguise:

Those who are in the know will get it.  Those who don't know, well, it will give you an excuse to talk about books you love!

What are you dressing up for as Halloween? Will it involve a book character? What other book costumes have you seen or thought of?  Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook to talk about it and make sure you sign up for my newsletter.  Maybe I'll put my costume in there! (Maybe it will be one of these?)

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