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It's time to announce the secret that I've been carrying for so many months...

The sequel to The Royal Runaway is coming!

The sequel to The Royal Runaway is coming!

I’m very excited to announce that THE ROYAL BODYGUARD will be released first in the UK in November 2019 from Headline!!

I’ll be sharing more details about this story and the continued adventures of the Royal House of Laurent. You’ll learn more about their family, their history and… their enemies.

My attempt at a movie-inspiration poster.

My attempt at a movie-inspiration poster.

Um, yeah. Don't you want to READ IT???

THE ROYAL BODYGUARD is more of what you loved in THE ROYAL RUNAWAY - a perfect blend of suspense, romance and mystery. 

THE ROYAL BODYGUARD is a princess story AND… well, a bodyguard story. It has kissing AND explosions. It has ancient vendettas, luxurious European villas and a king buried in a car park. It has good and evil, tears and laughs. And kissing. Did I mention kissing?

Oh, you want to pre-order it?  One-click here: Amazon UK. (And THANK YOU for pre-ordering. It helps my publisher know that people love my stories and want more of them!) Remember, these are the links for the UK/ Australia/ World English versions. As soon as I get information about North American publication dates, I will share them with you ASAP!

Pre-Order Links:

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As always, thank you for your support and excitement! I can't wait to see what the next few months bring!

Women With Books - Nancy Naigle & Teri Wilson & The Rom-Com Renaissance

A new episode of the Women With Books podcast is up!

Women With Books Podcast featuring bestselling authors Nancy Naigle & Teri Wilson.

Women With Books Podcast featuring bestselling authors Nancy Naigle & Teri Wilson.

This episode was born of my love for romantic comedies and also because Nancy Naigle, Teri Wilson and I really put a lot of work into the workshop we’ll be presenting in New York at RWA Nationals. For those attending RWA, this is just the tip of the iceberg, we’ll go into a lot more details about the contents of rom com there. I had to laugh throughout this whole episode because – you’ll definitely hear it – Teri recorded this from the floor of a tire store. She was getting a flat tire replaced but like a true professional in a real-life romantic comedy, she sat down ON THE FLOOR (yes, she sent us a selfie of herself to prove it) and had this conversation with us. And then, at the end. Oh, I wish I could have kept it in but it was kind of jarring to listen to if you didn’t know this was happening, the guys at the tire store turned on her car and her audio book that she had been listening to in the car, jumped into our audio feed!  It was not, thankfully, a racy or risqué part of a book or those tire repair guys’ innocent ears would have been offended, I’m sure.

We recorded this episode in the spring, so it’s fun to hear us talk about movies and books that we hadn’t seen or read yet. After Teri’s recommendation in this episode, I went immediately and got a copy of the Kerry Winfrey book, Waiting for Tom Hanks and if you follow my blog series, Best Books to Read Now, you’ll see that I too absolutely adored it. It is rom com perfection.  As always, I put the links to the books discussed in the episode exclusively in my WWB newsletter, which goes out at the end of the month.

In the episode we also each listed our top 3 favorite rom com movies… and Nancy was the only rule follower who meticulously stuck with just three choices.   I listed my top 3 favorites (with 2 runners up) and I thought I’d put them right here to see if you agree with me:

(In no particular order:)

When Harry Met Sally

harry met sally.gif

Sweet Home Alabama

sweet home alabama.gif

Bridget Jones’ Diary

mark darcy.gif

Runners Up:

27 Dresses

27 dresses.gif

While You Were Sleeping

while you were sleeping.gif

I’d love to hear what your favorite romantic comedy movies are! Hit me up on social media or respond below!

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Teri Wilson and Nancy Naigle discuss Hallmark movies, Christmas romance and much more!

Teri Wilson and Nancy Naigle discuss Hallmark movies, Christmas romance and much more!

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