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#RWA17 - #SquadGoals4Life

For some reason, this year’s post-convention wrap-up is particularly hard to write. 

RWA Nationals was last week in Orlando and it felt like a wonderful dream, one that I didn’t want to wake up from. 


My tribe, y’all.

Ride or Die Friends

Ride or Die Friends

The OG HBICs are my family away from my family. No one can empower me or make me laugh, cry, create like this crew.

So leaving them on Saturday? It hurt, to be honest. Physically.

More than these five ladies, I met and reconnected with more amazing kindred spirits - Frannie, Kate, Amber, Violet, Ainsley, Laura, Tamsen, Tina, Cheryl, Elizabeth, Kristin, Megan, and so many more.  In a world that so often encourages women to take each other down, to compete  with each other, to judge and to mock, for four days in July, women writers from all over the globe join together and talk about making the world a happier, more hopeful place.  And the women I met are at the vanguard of this bodice-ripping movement (in the most Diana of Themyscira way).


So, yeah. It was hard to leave this beautiful wonderland. 


Because dance parties. And golden statues. And sparkly shoes. And books. And best friends. These are the best things in the world. 

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Best Books to Read Now: July 2017

Reminder/ Caveat/ Disclaimer: This is my (hopefully) monthly list of books I’ve read and enjoyed. These are not reviews, I do not include books I didn’t enjoy because life is too short to speak badly of books!


An Extraordinary Union - Alyssa Cole

Amazon | iBooks



This was totally my catnip book. Spies, Civil War, a woman with extraordinary mental abilities (the heroine has a perfect memory!).  A great start to a series and a great book to read during the patriotic season!


The Day of the Duchess - Sarah MacLean

Amazon | iBooks

In the middle of this, I was comparing it to my favorite Sarah Maclean, (Yes, I always mention it. Temple’s book, No Good Duke Goes Unpunished) because my heart was clenching in that oh-so-painful-but-good way and I realized it was because they’re both stories of second chance love.  There’s also more of SESILY, a secondary character who’s been in at least two or three of this series and I’m really hoping that Ms. MacLean puts us out of our misery and gives us the Sesily (and the American?) book that we’ve been dying for.

Slightly South of Simple - Kristy Woodson Harvey

Amazon || iBooks



This was my book club pick for the summer. I told my book club that I was picking a book with a beach on it, so I did, and so I read it by the beach when we were able to get away to Mexico last month. This is a great, easy read, about sisterhood, second chances and summers gone by.


The Deep End- Julie Mulhern

Amazon || iBooks


I’ve had this on my TBR list for a really long time, and was finally in a place where I could read a straight up mystery (I don’t like reading it when I’m writing it) and I give this an enthusiastic two thumbs up (I think I’ve already hand sold a few more copies). It’s set in the 1970’s, in a Kansas country club set. The time period isn’t too much, and as a writer, I appreciated that the setting allowed Ms. Mulhern to write mysteries where no one could call the police on their cell phones, which really changes plots these days.  A start to a five book series, I think, so you’ll have a lot to binge!



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