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Welcome to the official site of Lindsay Emory, author of books with kisses and sass including the Sorority Sisters Mysteries and The Last Plus One

Books recommended on the Women With Books podcast include...

Authors/ Books Discussed:

Ruby Dixon

Grace Goodwin

A Daring Arrangement – Joanna ShupeAmazon iBooks

The Duchess Deal – Tessa Dare Amazon iBooks

Master Professor - Tara Sue MeAmazon iBooks

Opal Carew – “hilarious erotic romance”

Stranger - Robin Lovett “A stalker’s a little tricky but Robin nails it” Amazon iBooks

Alexa Riley

Alyssa Cole

Sarah MacLean

Hate to Want You – Alisha Rai Amazon | iBooks

Librarian Series by Olivia Dade

One Minute to Midnight - Nico Rosso Amazon | iBooks

Rogue Desire anthology Amazon | iBooks

Renee Rose

Why Do Dukes Fall in Love – Megan Frampton Amazon | iBooks

Charlotte Stein

Cara McKenna

Beverly Jenkins

Tiffany Reisz

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Authors/ Books Discussed:

The Duchess Deal: Amazon| iBooks

When a Scot Ties the Knot: Amazon| iBooks

Romancing the Duke: Amazon| iBooks

A Week to be Wicked: Amazon| iBooks

A Lady by Midnight: Amazon| iBooks

A Beautiful Poison byLydia Kang: Amazon| iBooks

WWB Chapter 3.png

Authors/ Books Discussed:

Everything We Left Behind: Amazon

Everything We Keep: Amazon

All The Breaking Waves: Amazon

Nora Roberts

Catherine Coulter

Behind Closed Doors – B.A. Paris Amazon | iBooks

Mary Kubica

Catherine McKenzie

AJ Banner

Camille Pagan

Outlander – Diana Gabaldon Amazon | iBooks

The Martian –Andy Weir Amazon | iBooks

WWB Ch 4.png

Authors/ Books Discussed:

Take the Lead Amazon | iBooks

Dance with Me Amazon | iBooks

Ruby Dixon – Ice Planet Barbarian Series

An Extraordinary Union – Alyssa Cole Amazon | iBooks

Cabin Fever – Audra North Amazon | iBooks              

Cowboy Rising – Mia Hopkins Amazon | iBooks

WWB Ch 5.png

Authors/ Books Discussed:

Out of Line Series – Jen McLaughlin Amazon || iBooks

Lust is the Thorn – Jen McLaughlinAmazon || iBooks

The Thorn Birds – Colleen McCullough Amazon || iBooks

Twilight – Stephenie Meyer Amazon

Catching the Player – Diane Alberts Amazon || iBooks

Blurred Lines – Jen McLaughlin - Amazon || iBooks

McCullagh Inn series – Jen McLaughlin Amazon || iBooks

Falling for the Groomsman – Diane Alberts Amazon || iBooks

Highland Velvet - Jude Deveraux Amazon || iBooks

Kathleen Woodiwiss Amazon || iBooks

Johanna Lindsey Amazon || iBooks

Christina Dodd Amazon

Tessa Bailey Amazon || iBooks

Jay Crownover Amazon || iBooks

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Amazon || iBooks

On Writing – Stephen King Amazon || iBooks

Sons of Steel Row series – Jen McLaughlin Amazon || iBooks

WWB Ch 6.png

Authors/ Books Discussed:

Beginner’s Luck – Kate Clayborn Amazon || iBooks

Luck of the Draw – Kate Clayborn Amazon || iBooks

Ruby Lang Amazon || iBooks

Hate to Want You – Alisha Rai Amazon || iBooks

Tessa Dare Amazon || iBooks

Copper Ridge series - Maisey Yates Amazon || iBooks

Courtney Milan Amazon || iBooks

Alyssa Cole – An Extraordinary Union Amazon || iBooks

Sherry Thomas Amazon || iBooks

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